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  • Note: The Price of your Home is a very important factor in determining which FHA Loan Program best fits your needs, and that you are quoted the lowest FHA Interest Rate available.

    If you have found your home, be sure to enter the amount. If you have not found your home, please enter the best estimate for the loan amount for your new home.

  • Note: The Total Down Payment Available is also a very important factor in determining that you are quoted the lowest FHA Interest Rate available.

    So, be sure to enter the full amount you will have available. Remember, you do not need to have the funds today, so please estimate what you project to have available.

  • Note: Please let us know if you would like us to provide a list of real estate agents that we trust that are local to the market you are searching in.

  • Note: If you are planning on renovating your home before you purchase, and you need assistance in locating a contract, we can provide you with a list of trusted referral sources to contact.

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  • Note: A contact phone number is required to verify your information in securing and returning your FHA Loan Approval Letter.

  • Note: As a part of our promise to provide you with the best possible service, if a mobile number is provided, may we text you with a onetime authentication code with your FHA representative’s direct contact number? We do not charge to send or receive text messages as part of our application process.

  • Note: Your credit estimate is used to assign your application to the best qualified FHA Loan Representative to assist you in securing your FHA Home Loan.

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